• 2018 Championships

    2018 Championships

    • April 5-8 - Hobie 17 North American Championship, Ocean Springs YC, Ocean Springs, MS
    • May 16-18 - Hobie 17 North American Championship, Oneida Lake, Syracuse, NY
    • Aug 7-11 - Hobie Youth, Women, 18 and 20 North American Championships,Huntingdon Lake, California
    • Sep 10-14 - Hobie 16 North American Championship, Navarre, Florida
    • Oct 12-19 - 2018 F18 World Championship Regatta, Sarasota Yacht Club, Sarasota, Florida
    • Nov 1-4 - F16 North American Championships, Clearwater, Florida.
  • 2018 ORCA Schedule

    Date Host Event

    Jan 13-15

     Div8 Bluster on the Bay
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    Feb 2-4 Div8 Charlotte Harbor Regatta
    Port Charlotte, Florida
    March 2-4 Div8 Hobie Mid-Winters East
    Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa Bay, Florida
    Apr 5-8  

    Hobie 17 North American Championship
    Ocean Springs YC, Ocean Springs, MS

  • Around PEC Long Distance Race


    August 4/5/6, 2018
    Prince Edward County, Ontario
    Event contact: David Antognini - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    This is a 3 leg long distance event which covers approximately 200km. Prince Edward County is an island in Lake Ontario. The race starts in Trenton and goes clockwise. Each leg is designed so that even with minimal wind (5 knots) the legs won't be too long. The shortest leg time to date was about 3 hours in a 15 knot breeze and the longest was 8 hours in 3-4 knots of wind. Test your navigation skills and endurance surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario.

    Eligible Boats

    Double handed multihulls with spinnaker. All multihulls are scored together using ISAF SCHRS as one fleet. There will also be a class for bigger multihulls. Each leg will be scored individually as a race and not on total elapsed time. There is no throw-out.

  • Burlington Beach Regatta


    August 18,19 2018

    Burlington, Ontario, Canada -- Boats are launched off of a beautiful, clean sandy beach on Lake Ontario.

  • Cha Plus Mala

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